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Jun 15 2011

Institute Time

Last week began the TFA process. Induction began with little sleep and sessions, sessions, sessions. Some sessions were really informative and inspiring, others led me to hate uptalk (which if you have been to induction you know what I mean). Note: Squash sandwiches with kraft singles – not the best.

Sunday morning, after 3 hours of sleep (story of my summer), we piled in a supers huttle and headed to the airport. At the airport (probably because of 3 hours of sleep) I forgot I had a pocket knife in my purse. Then we stepped out into the desert heat and dry air of Phoenix (yet another hour ahead).

So I am in day 3 of Institute right now. I just finished my first lesson plan – it is incredible how hard it is to break down the meaning of words. Like how do you describe what a positive number is and how to locate it on a number line for 50 minutes? Also, I just found out that I was randomly selected to ride with a CMA (Corp Member Advisor) to our school site…. 15 minutes before the earliest bus (!!!) that leaves at 6:15. Most importantly, I get to meet my students on Monday.

Current temperature: 99   – - –   Current temperature  in Colorado 60.

Also, thank you to all those who suggested comments last week. I really appreciate it!

- Ms. R

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  1. danielleinthed

    Squash sandwiches? Kraft singles? Yuck! I’m sorry you had to go through that.

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