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May 03 2011


No doubt I was stoked when I was hired by a school district in Colorado Springs. I could literally not breathe during the few days between my interview over skype and the call I received from HR. I thought the wait period after TFA interviews was bad, but I think that the school district period was worse because I am completely committed to the TFA cause now.

Yet, that was well over a two months ago, and (me being type-A, which I’m sure a good 1/2 of CMs are) I had heard nothing back. I knew that the district would find a spot for me, eventually, but I was a little bit concerned of having nothing in writing. Today that changed though, because I am now a biology high school teacher!!!!! I am so excited because now I can apply everything I am learning through pre-institute to a biology classroom. I know the school, I know the grade levels, and I know the subject!  I will get paperwork to confirm this soon… I am literally excited for this.

That being said, I feel extremely fortunate. Friends that are highly-qualified new CMs in other areas of the country, mainly Texas (gheez Texas, I love you but you need to get education on the priority list!), will not know this same information until August. Since, TeachForUs is designed to give the most accurate description of the process I feel like I should mention – be prepared for the interview and wait model – because you will be using it alot.

Now that I no longer have school it is now time to focus hard core on pre-institute work. I’m wondering how far everyone is but don’t necessarily want to ask over facebook in case anyone already is close to done. What I have read already in TOL definitely helped during my phone interview with the science staff today.

I can’t wait to start!

PS: Just bought tickets on SW and its cheaper to fly with them then drive, by a lot.

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  1. guidedmetotennessee

    I am very, very, very NOT close to done, and I don’t finish school for another week, so I wouldn’t stress about it!

  2. Wess

    Your message to TX is heartily seconded. :)

  3. Cam

    Another amen for the comments about Texas! I’m an incoming CM-when other friends have already been hired (placed in different regions), we are just now processing resumes. Frustrating.

    In regards to pre-institute work, I’m finishing up. I graduated early in Dec so I’ve enjoyed having something to do beyond work. I’ve actually quite enjoyed it!

    Congrats on your placement!

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