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Apr 26 2011

Military meets TFA

So, I am a day late posting this week! The last week of college class is turning out to be crazy! I had this idea that when I turned in my thesis everything was going to be great and easy afterwards. I was so prepared to move forward into TFA land, but alas life got in the way again.

If there is anyone out there that has gone through their 1st year as a CM and their significant others 1st deployment at the same time (or anything remotely similar), I would LOVE to hear from you, PLEASE!  While I hear most of my friends and CMs talking about missing their “insert significant other” after not seeing or hearing from them for a week or two I can’t sympathize at all. While I know I use to think the same way as they do now, after 4 moths of not seeing/hearing/writing or any other form of communication (ranger school) and 2 years of living apart I can no longer relate. I know that TFA is going to be extremely challenging and I know that a deployment to a very unsafe region of Afghanistan is going to be extremely challenging in entirely different ways. I’m hoping I can succeed in both!

To get to a better subject….. while correcting my conclusion for my thesis I realized it is littered with TFA vernacular. “”Ambitions goals” and talks about how education is everything abound….. and my thesis is over water conservation!

Also, I am currently looking for something to replace Ms Laura’s story. I looked forward to hearing it on the bus everyday, now there is a whole. If anyone knows any good TFA/education podcast let me know.

Sorry for the jumbled mess of a blog. To many things hitting at once, but after my last 5 days in college I will be able to focus in on TFA and relearning Spanish. I am so excited about starting. We just got all the induction information this weekend – in just over a month I will start the next two years of my life. I can’t wait!!!!!

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  1. forthesprings

    I am just finishing my 2nd year as a Corp Member in the Springs. I also teach in a middle school in H2 and one of my team members at my school will most likely be doing the Science PLC group in the Springs. It feels like yesterday that I was feeling the way you are feeling right now. Even after (barely) two years of teaching I still question if someone thought this whole TFA thing through. Anyways, I would be more than happy to help you in any way that I can even if it is just something as simple as where a laundromat is. You will do great and you just have to continuously remind yourself of that because there will be times when you want to hide in the closet for 3 days but somehow keep moving forward. Good Luck!

    • Ms. R

      Thanks! If your still teaching next year I would love to meet you. I have a lot of questions and concerns that I would love to talk to you about.

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