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Apr 10 2011

My Goals

After being accepted to Teach for America last November, teaching has constantly been in my thoughts. When I read a National Geographic article I think about how I can incorporate the information into a lesson plan for next year. When I’m in class I’m thinking about what I like about the teacher and what I dislike so that I can be a better teacher. It is a constant reminder of the task that all new cm’s have. We go from our various fields, mine is environmental science/biology/GIS, and our various lifestyles, such as writing a thesis, to having the monumental task of teaching disadvantaged students.

I feel like I am pretty well equipped for this because the failing high school I attended in Houston (1,000 freshman to 300 something graduates). At the time I didn’t realize that I went to a “bad” school, and I still don’t think its anywhere close to the worst in Houston. I do know that the two good teachers I had pushed my class much harder than the other teachers even tried too. I also had the great fortune of someone investing in my education so that I could attend college. The power of someone believing that you can do something that you don’t believe you can do could change the world.

I’ve passed the Praxis II for General Science, I’ve read a few books on TFA, and my job allows me to incorporate different learning styles, but I still feel unprepared for next fall. Hopefully, institute in Phoenix will help. I am finishing Ms Lora’s Story, just starting TOL (Teaching as Leadership), and still need to do all the other pre-institute work. I know that I will be teaching science in Colorado Springs. I’m pretty sure that I will be teaching at a middle school, but I could be teaching any science 7th-12th grade. Hopefully, I will know soon so I can prepare more.

In TOL the main theme is setting big goals. My goals for myself are to give my kids a love for science and learning that will never leave them so that can do anything they want to with their life; be a hands on teacher so that no matter what their learning style they will improve at least a grade level and a half; and, finally, I want to invest fully in each student’s education so that they can change the world. In other words, I want to be Ms Frizzle from Magic School Bus, with or without the super powers!

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