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Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap

So… I haven’t blogged in quite some time. In fact, I haven’t blogged since the first days of institute. My reasoning: complete lack of sleep. So for this blog I will try to break up my institute experience by week trying to recall my thoughts at the time (now, of course I am a more rational person not completely driven by coffee).
Week 1: Ok, so Phoenix was hotter then expected (coming from Texas I thought I would be immune to the climate experience of northerns, not the case, I now know what “It feels like I’m walking through a sauna” really means). Phew, we get an entire week of training before getting our students, my CS is engaging (after spending hours with my CS (shout-out to Ben) I understand just how amazingly lucky I was), my CMA is funny, my co-lab is unique but works amazingly well together (ONLY CO-LAB…

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Jun 15 2011

Institute Time

Last week began the TFA process. Induction began with little sleep and sessions, sessions, sessions. Some sessions were really informative and inspiring, others led me to hate uptalk (which if you have been to induction you know what I mean). Note: Squash sandwiches with kraft singles – not the best. Sunday morning, after 3 hours…

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Jun 08 2011

Teaching Desire

After two grueling nights of summer league coaching (one where I taught two teams at once) what I just can’t comprehend is why my girls aren’t trying. They seem to improve every practice, but I always sense that they don’t really want this. I can deal with low skill level, but it is the most…

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My past week has consisted of a mix of coaching, camping, and reading. I coached my first practice last week, who knew it was so hard to explain basic concepts, but apparently I am good at it (says the head coach and athletic director). Tomorrow is our second practice and the first summer league game.…

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May 22 2011

And it begins….

Last weekend  I graduated, jumped in a uhaul, and came to Colorado (ie no blog last week). I wonder when I will get use to the breathtaking views everywhere I look….. or to the fact that it froze the other night and its 100 degree s in Texas. More importantly, when will I get use…

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May 09 2011

Pikes Peak or Bust

I have officially 5 days until I move to Colorado for TFA. I am so excited! It feels surreal that this process, that started way back in August of 2010, is about to start. Last week I got to meet Wendy Kopp (CEO and founder of TFA) on her book tour. The public perception of…

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May 03 2011


No doubt I was stoked when I was hired by a school district in Colorado Springs. I could literally not breathe during the few days between my interview over skype and the call I received from HR. I thought the wait period after TFA interviews was bad, but I think that the school district period…

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Apr 26 2011

Military meets TFA

So, I am a day late posting this week! The last week of college class is turning out to be crazy! I had this idea that when I turned in my thesis everything was going to be great and easy afterwards. I was so prepared to move forward into TFA land, but alas life got in the…

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Apr 17 2011


In an attempt to acuretly blog my journey toward becoming a TFA teacher I want to make sure every Sunday I take the time to reflect and write about my experience. The first word that comes to mind today is unprepared. As soon as my thesis was turned in, and I had time to think,…

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Apr 10 2011

My Goals

After being accepted to Teach for America last November, teaching has constantly been in my thoughts. When I read a National Geographic article I think about how I can incorporate the information into a lesson plan for next year. When I’m in class I’m thinking about what I like about the teacher and what I…

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